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OZPLOITATION TRAILER EXPLOSION (Severin/Intervision DVD) – Party’s Not Over! It’s Only Just Begun

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Dr. Jimmy TERROR of  DOCTERROR.COM will be joining us as a resident guest writer for an undetermined amount of time. Be prepared to have your eyes written shut with the pre-history and post-apocalypse of HORROR. Give him a like over on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.

I adore a good trailer reel, and I’m not above picking up any of them even if it contains trailers I’ve seen a thousand times as long as the theme is solid. With the most recent reel from Severin Films, Ozploitation Trailer Explosion, you get a healthy dose of the essential and underground films of Ozploitation era in a well organized, entertaining amalgam that demands an Aussie party in its honor. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Severin Films and Intervision. They put out a bunch of classic Franco and, on their Intervision label, have given us some sexploitation Oz flicks in the past. This continues that flavor by highlighting movies that may not be on your radar.

From Severin/Intervision:

In the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, films like MY BRILLIANT CAREER and BREAKER MORANT put Australia’s ‘New Wave’ on the map. But at the same time, a depraved generation of young Aussie filmmakers was putting a very different kind of movie on screens. This is the ultimate collection of ‘Ozploitation’ trailers, packed with ockers, knockers, pubes, tubes, comatose killers, outback chillers, high-octane disasters and kung fu masters.
What we have here, is a nice way to round out a collection with trailers from yesteryear. You have the ability to watch them all in sequence or separate them by concentration. Sexplotation, Action/Crime, Horror. In my opinion this is what really distinguishes a solid trailer reel from a dirty stinking mess you might find elsehwere. There’s order or at least the option for order. You can also elect to screen each trailer separately from a handsome title screen. The quality is good. Trailers don’t often get as much attention as some full length releases. These look like well cared for shorts, and not a bunch of direct-from-VHS captures. The cover art is perfect combining some well crafted artistic interpretations of some classic Oz features.

Some of the movies on the disc are as follows:

Alvin Purple, Patrick (just reviewed from Severin), Road Games, Mad Dog Morgan, Stunt Rock, Stone, Barry McKenzie Holds His Own, Fantasm, Wake in Fright, Dead Kids (which we will review shortly), Felicity (the movie that I am going to be pick up shortly), Turkey Shoot (one of the best damn “most dangerous game” flicks out there), Thirst (to be reviewed shortly), The Man From Hong Kong, BMX Bandits, Dead End Drive-In (which I watched this past year on Netflix Instant and enjoyed some of the violence). There’s quite a bit more as I just pulled this list from the highlight list, but that’s part of the fun of at trailer reel. Discovering new shit.

If you’ve picked up Severin’s trifecta of Aussie horror, Patrick, Dead Kids and Thirst this is the perfect balance to those exceptionally strong releases. Lots of violence. Nude people with abundant pubic mounds. More fun than a pack of kangaroos getting slaughtered by a giant truck (well… almost) Combined with the documentary Not Quite Hollywood, you might even feel like you’ve taken a entry level course into the wonderful world of OZ. You can pick it up now. This will set you up for Wolf Creek 2 later this year when you can finally own that amazing new Oz picture.



Dead Kids (Severin Blu-ray) – Teach Your Children Well

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Dr. Jimmy TERROR of  DOCTERROR.COM will be joining us as a resident guest writer for an undetermined amount of time. Be prepared to have your eyes written shut with the pre-history and post-apocalypse of HORROR. Give him a like over on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.

When Nick Lombardo tells you to grab a goddamn movie, you grab a goddamn movie. Recently at the Exhumed Films Giallo double feature, Nick picked up Dead Kids and started telling me about it. He said it was absolutely off the wall and great example of Ozploitation. If there’s one thing that I know for certain you always trust the opinion of the person who sets the stage for the horrorthon or splatterfest 35mm viewing.  I must say that he was absolutely correct in judging my sensibilities with regard to Oz horror, and I finally had the chance to enjoy Severin’s new release of Dead Kids aka Strange Behavior. While I talked about it recently on Dead Air, let’s continue the conversation.

Synopsis from Severin

The Ozploitation classic – and one of the most unique shockers of the ’80s – returns like never before: Michael Murphy (MANHATTAN), Dan Shor (BILL AND TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE) and Fiona Lewis (THE FURY) star in this grisly saga of bizarre experiments, butchered teens, New Zealand doubling for suburban Illinois, and a killer in a Tor Johnson mask


First impression: This thing’s got everything and everyone. Well maybe not quite but enough regular Ozploitation stars to give this some street credit.  My absolute favorite moment? A killer in a Tor Johnson mask is enough for me to say a picture has everything. We used to play with that mask as kids running around my buddy’s basement, playing the monster, getting high on the latex. It’s a creepy looking mask. We used to hang out in the crawlspace in their basement and the older kids would turn off the light. When they came on, TOR JOHNSON WAS TRYING TO KILL US. Now at the time I wasn’t aware of the Johnson, but I remember being terrified of the mask. Perhaps that’s why at least one segment of the picture stuck with me. Sure the violence leaves something to be desired, but for what they lack in gore, they make up for with a well controlled insanity all the way till the end. There really are some moments that weigh suspense firmly on your shoulder. The plot carries the picture well and even feels somewhat close to home while still creating an alternate universe where mind’s are fully controlled by the will of evil ever so easily. There are twists you will see coming. There are twists you will not seeing coming.

Yeah, it’s got a score by Tangerine Dream that rocks if you’re into that sort of thing. I am, so it sweetens the deal. the disc contains an isolated music score for your listening pleasure as well as two separate commentary tracks. The special effects featurette is a must watch for fans of the horror of 1981 (a common year around this column these days with Evilspeak and Final Exam getting new releases). The disc contains two separate trailers and needle-in-eyeball-cover art. It’s 1080p HD resolution, and definitely looks great.

Dead Kids is like watching all your high school friends turn into adults; brain washed and ready to kill everything. I’m sure there’s a deeper underlying meaning in a movie that should be considered influential to late 90’s cinema and post-Scream teen horror, but the main thing I got out of Dead Kids was good fun. A variety of kills with some quality acting from the great Dan Shor (that’s Billy the Kid from Bill & Ted) among other Oz players and a fun vibe that proves moderately horrifying but most definitely entertaining.

You can order Severin’s Dead Kids now. Tell ’em Nick Lombardo sent ya!


THIRST (Severin Blu-ray) – Aussie Vamp Flick with a Twist of Bathory

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Dr. Jimmy TERROR of  DOCTERROR.COM will be joining us as a resident guest writer for an undetermined amount of time. Be prepared to have your eyes written shut with the pre-history and post-apocalypse of HORROR. Give him a like over on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.

This is the final installment in our look at the Severin Films Ozploitation series. Each one has been a great experience from the Ozploitation trailer real that is the perfect companion to Not Quite Hollywood to Patrick, one of the most important Aussie productions to the lighthearted fun of Dead Kids featuring Billy the Kid from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. With Thirst, the exploitation of the great Oz (Ozploitation being Australia based exploitation) takes us to a neo-Gothic plane of existence where Lady Bathory still bathes in blood to stay young or at least the heir to the almighty throne.

Synopsis from Severin Films:

The ‘Ozploitation’ classic – and one of the most unique vampire movies of our time – is back like you’ve never seen it before: David Hemmings (BLOW-UP, DEEP RED) andHenry Silva (THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE) star as executives of an international blood-drinking cartel known as ‘The Brotherhood’. But when they abduct a descendant (Chantal Contouri of THE DAY AFTER HALLOWEEN) of Elizabeth Bathory to reboot her depraved legacy, she must escape before the corporation can expand their human ‘blood cow’ dairies and create a vampire master race.

If the term “human blood cow” doesn’t make you want to enjoy this first then perhaps the cast will. Henry Silva, David Hemmings and Cantal Cantouri as well as Max Phipps. For those of you familiar with Ozploitation cinema some of these names will have more meaning than others. I firmly love Henry Silva in whatever I see him in though my personal preference is Alligator. It comes from the producer of Patrick and Turkey Shoot, two pieces of Oz gold.

Thirst attempts to reinvent the vampire legacy, throwing out the traditional Dracula vamp for the Bathory legend with plenty of modern day sensibilities. Bloodsuckers would get pretty sophisticated in the 1980’s. To create a blood bank of people for a population of needy vamps… that almost sounds like one of the subplots of the HBO series True Blood. This 1979 classic is well before its time apparently featuring a level of storytelling that went beyond the cape and fang set. Perhaps it’s kind should be considered Martin and The Hunger, but something about the general feeling of this one made me thing of the Midnight Mess story from The Vault of Horror. Putting people on tap and what not.

The transfer is really great though this was my first time enjoying it with nothing to compare it to. 1080p HD transferred from the original camera negative. 2.35:1 AR. This disc set features both DVD and Blu-ray. It includes TV spots, a theatrical trailer, an isolated Brian May music score and audio commentary with the director and producer. I love the woman-on-tap cover art.

Vampire fans… this one’s unique. You may have seen hundreds of vampire flicks, but this one doesn’t actually feel like a vampire flick. It feels like a great big social criticism with supernatural elements to it. That’s the formula that made George Romero famous. It’s not wonder that I compare this in length and breath to Romero’s Martin; not as an imitation mind you, but as a movie that offers a perspective not often presented in fang lore. I strongly recommend you check this one out. Fans of the movie and other oz flicks, this is the edition you’ve been waiting for.

You can pick up Thirst from Severin Films now.


Wolf Creek 2 – The Head on the Stick Has the Floor

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Dr. Jimmy TERROR of  DOCTERROR.COM will be joining us as a resident guest writer for an undetermined amount of time. Be prepared to have your eyes written shut with the pre-history and post-apocalypse of HORROR. Give him a like over on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.

Let’s just give the briefest opinion of Wolf Creek 2. I had the chance to screen it recently, and I want to make sure that ya’ll know, this is a fantastic, fun movie filled with the gore you adore and the sense of humor that is uniquely horror. The release I enjoyed was exactly what I expected to see though I must admit that I was worried. Sequels can exceed the original. I’m a Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 man myself. While I won’t go as far as to say that it exceeded the original, it preserved Wolf Creek’s voice and candor while painting a picture in deep rich splatter with unique elements of Ozploitation tropes (though to call it an Ozploit flick would be a stretch) and Aussie humor.

Synopsis from Wolf Creek 2’s Facebook Page:

While seeking an authentic Australian adventure, one unlucky backpacker learns the deepest, darkest secrets of the Outback’s most infamous serial killer.

Lured by the promise of an Australian holiday, backpackers Rutger, Katarina, and Paul visit the notorious Wolf Creek Crater. Their dream Outback adventure soon becomes a horrific reality when they encounter the site’s most infamous local, the last man any traveler to the region ever wants to meet; Mick Taylor (John Jarratt). As the backpackers flee, Mick pursues them on an epic white knuckled rampage across hostile wasteland. Only one will remain to be dragged back to his lair to witness the true magnitude of his monstrosity. And if the last man standing is to have any hope of surviving where no one else has survived before, he’ll have to use every ounce of cunning to outwit the man behind the monster and become every bit as ruthless as the monster inside the man.


The Players: Mick Taylor is back. This is the same actor, John Jarratt, that you’ve seen play him before. He’s perfect in this role and plays it well though this time we actually get a few more words out of him, complete with one-liners that will leave you with a mouthful of quotables. The victims are perfect ranging from stupid funny to heartfelt performances for which we can provide an ounce of sympathy.

The Scare: There are moments of that will shock the squeamish and get the “trapped in the cage” tickler going. If you can put yourself into the roles of some of the victims in Wolf Creek 2, you’re in for a hard night that will leave your pulse a tad bit faster than it was before.

The B(lood) & G(ore): Yes. Yes. The torture porn -esque qualities of Wolf Creek are preserved nicely and alongside a few other releases that have hit or will grace the screen within a year’s time, we are looking at a new mid-2000’s full of brutality and keen insight into how our bodies can be creatively destroyed. Gore is flowing. Splat is back!

The Ta’s: Only a modicum of sexy time. Not why you really want to watch this movie anyway.

The Family Plot: We follow Mick rides again though with a few new settings, a bunch o’ daylight photography and some new faces with which can interact. There is no intrigue save the standard slasher query, will the final girl/boy live?

The Finish: Was not entirely what I expected, but satisfying. Will Mick ride … yet again? This is why you check it out.

The Art: the posters thus far haven’t done it for me. The trailer on the other hand has juiced me.

The Scope: If this series is to continue I would be a happy horror fan. If it does not, I would be a happy horror fan. It represents the horror filmmaker understanding exactly what a fan could want from a sequel, but without the whole thing being forced. It’s paced. Well thought out. Brutal. Fun. Gory. I’m not sure you’d take a date to it, but you won’t make out with her the whole night. Your peepers will be stuck to the screen.

There you have it. Enjoy this release when it becomes available VOD and eventually on disc. I’ll be picking it up, and it WILL make my top 10 movies of the year alongside Grand Piano. Sometimes you just know. Thank you Greg Mclean for coming back to do the sequel and making good on its promise.
You have some time before it will full make its way to your eyeballs, but you should spend that time gathering your friends, finding your viewing locale and preparing your Mick Taylor tattoos artwork.

AVAILABLE ON VOD: April 17, 2014

IN THEATERS: May 16, 2014

-Doc Terror
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