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Dr. Jimmy TERROR of  DOCTERROR.COM will be joining us as a resident guest writer for an undetermined amount of time. Be prepared to have your eyes written shut with the pre-history and post-apocalypse of HORROR. Give him a like over on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.

LITTLE PUNK PEOPLE… For those of you who attend horror conventions regularly countrywide, you are no doubt familiar with the name and quality that this small company generates. We are talking about some truly creative people creating memories out of artwork that may appear on the surface to be horrific but are actually endearing. Daniella, Justin and Elliot are a family and a team, and they amaze me with their output of work as well as their perfect understanding, emotionally of the a customers need. Luckily for you, they also happen to be horror fans and great friends.

Today you have the opportunity to win a very special Italian Horror Week creation as designed by Little Punk People featuring one of the most beloved films from Italy created by the master of Giallo, Dario Argento: DEEP RED aka Profondo Rosso.

This is a gorgeous painting featuring one of the most memorable baddies in all of Italian Horror History.

How do you win this fella? First thing you do is go like Little Punk People’s page on Facebook and/or Follow them on Twitter. Then I want you to go over to their websiteand check it out. While you’re there I want you to shoot me the link for your favorite piece of artwork or feature of the site. It can really be anything. Maybe it’s their family portrait work or other custom job. Maybe you like their cookie jars, glassware, t-shirts or toys. It’s all there. Just let me know what you love (and order something if you feel so include). Shoot me your response with name and address With subject line LITTLE PUNK PEOPLE.

We will select one winner Monday July 20th.

Go support a fantastic company who support the horror community and love to bring happiness to their loyal customers. The family portrait that we purchased from them is a favorite keepsake and hopefully family heirloom.


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